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Greater Cincinnati's # 1 Patrol Service

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Merchants Security Services

Greater Cincinnati's #1 Patrol Service

We are Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky's leader in mobile patrol service and have the largest professional fleet of fully marked and equipped patrol cars allowing us to cover areas and locations competitors can not. Both internal and external building inspections are preformed by an uniformed patrolmen in a marked vehicle.  
    In addition to being a visual crime deterrent, we can check doors and windows to be sure they are locked, turn off unnecessary lights, and check for water leaks or smoldering fires. Electronic Guard Tour systems available on all sites.

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Is a onsite guard too much for your budget?

Consider patrol service as a cost effective alternative!

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"The Eyes of The Night"

   The Original Merchants Patrol Service is the standard that all other companies try to copy, but have never been able to match the quality and performance we supply. The Merchants Patrol has been performing patrol service for over 130 years and we take great pride knowing we are Cincinnati's finest patrol company with the longest history.
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" Testimonial "
     "There was a B&E of a business in the 4000 block of Glendale Milford rd. Merchant's Security provides security service to this building. The suspects in this offense had broken into this building. The suspects inside. The Patrolmen called the Blue Ash Police and then circled the building in his vehicle, preventing the suspects from escaping. Our department ultimately apprehended the two suspects inside the building. Blue Ash Officers at the scene also learned that Merchants Patrolmen had varied his hours of patrol at this building in an attempt to stop these crimes. The actions of the Merchants Patrolmen were instrumental in the arrest of these individuals." Merchants Patrolmen Displayed a high degree of professionalism and dedication to the job. On behalf of the Blue Ash Police Department, please convey my appreciation to Merchants for a job well done.
- Cris D. Wallace Chief of Blue Ash Police Dept.-
Merchants police cars standing in a row
4766 Glendale Milford Road, Cincinnati, OH 45242
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