Cincinnati's Largest & Oldest Local Security Company Located in Cincinnati

Welcome to Merchants Guard and Patrol Service, Cincinnati’s best run local security firm, the original local security provider since 1885.  As we all know the world has changed since September 11th.  At Merchants Guard Company, we recognize there’s no place for complacency with work place violence at an all time high, an uncertain economy, and thefts on the rise.  We as security contract providers must provide our clients with the utmost professional service.  At Merchants Guard Company our goal is to give you the highest standard of security service at the best price.  If you are currently using a large national chain guard service, we invite you to contact us for a price quote and security assessment.  Step up to a great local security service, that will give you service second to none, you have my word on it!

A Dedicated Team of Professionals To Handle all your Security Needs

What sets Merchants Guard and Patrol Service apart as a Cincinnati security service is our team of well-trained, devoted professionals. When you hire us, you'll benefit from our:

  • Largest Management Staff
  • Experienced personnel
  • Wide range of security products and services
  • Competitive rates
  • 125 Years of Security Service Experience

You deserve to go about your daily business feeling comfortable

and confident that a security service professional has you covered. To learn more about our company or to set up an on-site consultation, call Merchants Guard and Patrol Service today.

Merchants Guard History

Merchants Guard and Patrol Service is Cincinnati’s oldest and largest local security firm. The company boast of a large professional guard staff w/over 200 employees and one of the largest most modern mobile security patrol tracks around. Our charter dates back 3 generations in the Burns family to 1885 when it was established. Commonly called “The Door Rattlers” or “Merchants Private Police”, The Merchants Guard was everywhere shaking customers doors throughout the city. There were not many security companies back then and the Merchants Guard protected the merchants of Cincinnati and their goods. Now one of the best security companies in town expanding into N. Kentucky, Indiana, and Louisville, Merchants Guard has become the premier firm with over 125 years of local and tri-state experience. No account is too big and no account too small, you will always get the best service in town from Cincinnati’s original local security company- Guaranteed!! 



    Original Merchants Private Police Car